About iPSYCH

iPSYCH is a national project founded in 2012 by six leading researchers in the fields of psychiatry and genetics. 

The purpose of iPSYCH is to find the causes and create the basis for better treatment and prevention of five of the most serious mental disorders; autism, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder (previously manic depression) and depression.

By examining genetic and risk factors in more than 130,000 Danes – both those who suffer from mental disorders and those who do not – we shed light on the interaction between heredity factors and the environment, which for some people result in them developing a mental disorder. 

The research focuses on disorders from a wide-range of angles spanning genes, cells and animal models to population studies, from foetus to adult patient and from cause to symptom.

Today iPSYCH is one of the world's largest studies of the genetic and environmental causes of mental disorders and it involves more than 150 researchers within psychiatry, genetics and register-based research.